They worked here

From bus boys to waitresses, chefs and handymen, Marando’s employed hundreds of Quad Citians over the years. This is a “work in progress” list and will be regularly updated. If you or a family member worked at Marando’s, let us know by filling out the box at the bottom of the page.

James S. MarandoCo-owner

Anthony “Jeff” MarandoCo-owner

Ernest G. “Ernie” MarandoCo-owner

Charles Spates – General Manager/Co-owner

Myrna “Gail” MarandoPianist/singer, 1946-1959

Beverly Adams, Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Lois Alexander, Quad Cities, Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Mary Anderson, Quad Cities, Dinner Waitress, 1960-65; 1970-72

Ronald “Andy” Anderson, Rock IslandBartender, 1960s

Willie Catherine Smithson Anthony, MilanDinner Waitress, 1960s

David Anthony, Rock Island, 1960s

Dale Anthony, Orion, 1960s

Rose Anthony, Rock Island – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Margery DeLeu Birthday, Moline – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Eleanor Barnes – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Barbara Blair – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Charlie Callis – Andalusia, Ill., Busboy 1973-74

Dean Carothers – Busboy, 1960s

Sam Carothers – Busboy, 1960s

Tom Carothers – Busboy, 1960s

Virginia Cole-Figg – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

JoeSue Coleman – Dinner Waitress, 1950s-1960s

Betty Cooke, Quad Cities – Dishwasher, 1960s

Mary Deschepper, Quad Cities, 1970s

James “Jim” Davis, Houston, Miss., – Bartender, 1963-1966 (Dr. of Chiropractic, Retired)

Dan Darue, Moline – Bartender, 1960s

Shane Davis – Busboy, 1976

Millard Dooley – Busboy, 1970s

John Dugan, Milan, 1960s

Betty Dugan, Milan - Secret baker of Marando’s Christmas Cookies

Dorothy Finch Roseman, Milan – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Joseph Carlos Garcia, Rock Island – Chef, 1950s-1960s

Jerry Garcia, Rock Island – Busboy, 1973

Leona “Irene” Gottsche, East Moline – Organist, 1960s

Dale Hansen – Busboy/Waiter 1970s

Betty Hilderbrand, Rock island – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Bill Hillmer – Bookeeper, late 1950s

Mary Hoover – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Fran Hyland, Moline, Bartender, 1960s

Jean Ingersson – Dinner Waitress, 1950s-1960s

Cathryn Jeide, KewaneeDinner Waitress, 1960s-1970s

John Kagan, Moline – Busboy, 1971

Jeanne Kennedy, Rock Island – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Nellie Kreager, Chicago, Dinner Waitress – 1960s

Kay Davis Kuder – Coat Check, 1960s

Spike Libby – Bartender, 1960s

Jeanie Licata, Quad Cities – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Kenny “Moose” MarandaWaiter/Handyman and family friend, 1960s-1970s; future RI County Board Member

James F. Marando, Orion, – Busboy, 1960s

Michael Marando – Busboy, 1972

Edward “Doc” McGivern, MolineBartender, 1960s-1970s

Doris Mickle  - Dinner Waitress One of the longer-tenured staff at Marando’s. Doris’ pleasant demeanor touched thousands who dined there.

Judy Milks, Ft. Madison, Iowa – Dinner waitress, 1960s

Rosie Marks, Kitchen and Chef staff (“The best Salad Girl in town”)

Annie McNamara, Moline – Bartender, 1960s

Cookie Nipper, Dinner Waitress, 1960s

James Parietal, Quad Cities – Maintenance, 1960s

Julius Parietal, Quad Cities – Busboy, 1960s

Junior Parietal, Quad Cities – Busboy, 1960s

Lawrence Petersen, Milan, Busboy 1963-1964

Wendell E. Ray, Rock IslandBartender, 1950s-1960s

Wilbur Ray, Rock Island – Bartender, 1950s-1960s

John Rice, Bartender, 1960s

Mary Louise Peterson Roets – Bookeeper, Secretary and Payroll Clerk, 1960s

Jim Salsman, Busboy, 1960-1963

Richard “Rick” Sanderson – Busboy, 1950s

David S. Smythe – Busboy, 1960s

Janie Smithson, waitress, 1960s

Medford Smithson, cook, 1960s

June Spates – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Judy Starsovich – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Lee Stephens – Bartender, 1960s

Pansy Taylor – Dinner Waitress (Tropics and Marando’s), 1940s-1960s

Joel Thompson – Busboy, 1972-73

Merle Trinkenshue – Bartender, 1950s

Louise Tyler – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Darlene (Rice) Vale – Dinner Waitress, 1950s-1960s

Grace Vale – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Darlene Vasala – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Edward D. “Eddie” Voorhees, Rock IslandBartender, 1950s-1960s

Imagene “Jean” Versluys, SilvisDinner Waitress,Tropics and Marando’s, 1940s-1950s

Belva Waterman, Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Vivian Whitesides – Dinner Waitress, 1950s-1960s

Jeri Williamson – Dinner Waitress, 1960s

Jack Wilson – Busboy, 1950s

James “Jim” Wilson – General Contractor, 1950s (led several remodel projects at Marando’s)

Kenny Woods – Bartender, 1960s

Alva L. Ybara, MilanChef, 1940s-1970s Tropics, Fairview Inn, Marando’s